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On our website, you will find an endless supply of Sudoku puzzles, from the easiest to the most difficult levels. You can start playing right away. No need to register or download anything. You can use your mouse, keyboard, or fingers(on mobile devices). The website is the meeting point of millions of Sudoku players around the world who just love to play and solve Sudoku puzzles. On our website, you will be able to get everything a Sudoku player may wish for. You can print Sudoku puzzles, share them, get help while trying to solve a puzzle, and get detailed statistics for the Sudoku puzzles you have solved. If you wish, you can even compete against other Sudoku players worldwide. The website is continuously updated with new Sudoku puzzles, so there will always be fresh Sudoku puzzles for you to solve.


Sudoku, or Su-doku, is a Japanese fun puzzle game. Sudoku uses numbers, but no mathematics is needed, and that is why, it is so popular. If you are looking for Sudoku free games, search no more. Over you can find thousands of online Sudoku puzzle games that you can play for free. All you need to do is to learn the rules, have a bit of spare time, and start playing.

Sudoku stimulates the mind and logics which exist in each and every one of us. Studies show that playing Sudoku improves memory, mind clarity, and can even stop and prevent brain illnesses such as Alzheimers! Therefore, there are some scientists & researchers that recommend playing Sudoku as part of our regular daily activity.

Find out what everybody is talking about, join this exciting 21st century world phenomena, and start playing Sudoku...

Sudoku rules

The game's objective is to fill the puzzle with numbers ranging from 1 to 9 so that a number will not appear more than one time in any row, column, or region (a region is a 3x3 box, and it is marked with a thicker line). Each Sudoku puzzle contains 9 rows, 9 columns, and 9 regions.

How to play Sudoku?

When you start to solve a Sudoku puzzle, a part of it is already filled with numbers. These are your clues. You will have to fill the rest of the puzzle using those clues and according to the rules. The easiest way to solve a Sudoku puzzle is to work systematically. Start with the number 1 and search for regions it is missing. Then, according to the rules, try to see if you can conclude where it has to appear over that region. When you find an empty cell where this number has to appear, write it down. Now go and look for another region this number is missing and try to see if you can find the exact location this number has to appear and so on.

Once you go through all possible regions this number might appear, move up chronologically to the next number and go through the whole process you did for the first number. We started with the number 1, so our next number will be 2, then 3, 4, 5, until we reach 9.

Please note that there will be times when you won't find an exact location for a specific number. Don't panic, it's part of the game. You can write it down in draft mode or simply skip to the next possible region or number.

When you finish the process with the number 9, the Sudoku puzzle should be filled with numbers you found their location. Now go back to number 1 and start the whole process once again. Look for regions it's missing and try to figure out according the rules, where it must be placed. Once you finish with the number 1 move up next to number 2 and so on.

Sometimes you will reach a point where all cells in a row, column, or region will be filled, except one. This situation is very easy to solve. All you have to do is to go through all numbers from 1 to 9 and look for them in that row, column, or region. Once you find a number that is missing, that is the number you should write down in the empty cell. This is because according to Sudoku rules, each number should appear in every row, column, or region.

Once you have filled out the whole puzzle without any mistakes, you have successfully solved a Sudoku puzzle.

How to play Sudoku on the website?

On our Sudoku website, you will find a wide range of functions for an ultimate Sudoku experience. Here is a quick look of the most important ones:

Settings - Provides access to main game functions.
Check - Checks for mistakes. Checking the check box makes this function automatic. From now on, every time you enter a wrong number, the cell will be highlighted with a red color.

Mouse mode - Lets you solve the Sudoku with mouse only.

Highlight digits - When this function is enabled, each time you click on a number, it will highlight all identical numbers over the puzzle. This way, you can quickly find which locations the number already appears and where it is missing.

Highlight regions - When this function is enabled, each time you click a cell, it will immediately highlight the row, column, and region associated with that cell. This helps to see all numbers and locations affecting this cell.

Timer - Shows how long it takes you to solve the Sudoku puzzle.

Print - Prints the current Sudoku puzzle. From the printing screen, you can also save the Sudoku puzzle as a PDF document.

Solution - Shows the solution for the current Sudoku puzzle. You can also save the puzzle as a PDF document from the solution screen.

Undo - This function lets you go back one step backward. This is great for when you realize you've made a mistake and you wish to go back one or more steps backward.

Draft mode - When you are uncertain of a specific number or there are multiple possibilities, you can write them down as draft.Each cell is divided into two. The upper smaller part of the cell is intended for the numbers you are uncertain about. You can get to it (and exit it) using the keyboard arrow keys or mouse.