Sudoku Rules
Sudoku Solver
Sudoku puzzle game, beginner's tips:

To make it easier for first time Sudoku players we have added these quick playing tips:

1. The board starts with several numbers on it. Their cells are marked and you can't erase them. Each time you start a new game, different set of numbers would appear.

2. The puzzle game object is to fill out the empty board cells with numbers from 1-9 according the game rules.

3. For each empty cell, you would have to figure out what numbers can be inserted, according the game rules. In the beginning you would have several options for each cell.

4. We have provided you a small place over the upper side of each board cell, to type down the different numbers that may fit that cell.

5. As you fill out the different options for each cell, you would see that several cells have only one number option that fit that cell. In that case you have found the right number for that particular cell, and you can type it inside the cell.

6. After you found the right number and typed it, you should now update the different options, for the other cells over the puzzle, according the new information.

7. You should repeat this process through out the whole game. Eventually there will be no empty cells left, and you succeed to solve the Sudoku puzzle.

8. To insure you have no mistakes while solving the puzzle, we have provided you the "check" button. Pressing it would tell you if there are any mistakes with the numbers you chose. This button should be pressed ,in the end after you have finished solving the game. If you have done everything right, an appropriate message would appear.

9. We have added serial number to all of the puzzles. You can return to any puzzle now by typing its serial number and press "new game" button. This feature also allows you to compete against your friends by typing the same puzzle serial number.

Have fun...